Hotel Nuevo Mejico

Hotel Nuevo Mejico

Ponce, Puerto Rico

Customer Service

Available between 7am-11pm (Mon-Sun)

1 (888) 279-9593

With over 45 years of experience and three generations in the motel industry in Puerto Rico, we are dedicated to bringing our customers the ultimate experience in luxury, innovation and comfort when they visit any of our properties in Ponce and Juana Diaz.


From our humble beginnings in 1968 with the construction of Hotel El Embajador in Trujillo Alto gave us the foundation to later expand operations to Motel Riverside, Motel Lakeside and Motel OK in Caguas.


The family ceased Motel operations in Puerto Rico during the early 1990’s.


Our commitment to the Motel Industry in Puerto Rico reemerged with the acquisition of Motel El Eden in Juana Diaz in 2014 and Motel Nuevo Mejico in 2016.


Our business is our family, so come and join our family to experience a unique experience of tradition, luxury and innovation.


“The facilities are amazing. A true Gem at a great price. I was so happy I found them when I did because I was about to pay a lot more.”
José Ramos